Apple Headphones may come out at the end of 2018?!

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Apple managed to profit $5.5 billion from their accessories such as Airpods, Apple Watches, and other things, so as a way to increase their revenue, Apple is deciding to come out with headphones, Since the Airpods managed to rival the sound quality of big music giants like Bose and even Beats, Apple said they plan on releasing headphones by the end of 2018. The headphones would target the high end part of the market and would have wireless pairing. Apple has gone through many changes in their initial design, even though about canceling the project it self. The design may look like many other headphones but will come with a special apple logo on the sides as well as coming in many different colors such as rose gold, gold, white and possibly black. Projected price would be about $349 at launch. These headphones though yet haven’t had anything released about. So currently what we know is all just mainly suggestions on what we think will happen. But still the hype for it is real, The apple products currently have  dominated the market, such as the Iphone X so if these headphones are a hit, I still wouldn’t be very surprised.

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