Faker, League of Legend’s True Champion

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Lee Sang-hyeok, also known as Faker, was born on May 7, 1996 in the Gangseo District Seoul South Korea. He was raised by his father Lee Kyung-joon along with his grandparents. He enjoyed puzzles and video games as a child. Before he discovered League of Legends, he played Warcraft 3 and the multiplayer online battle arena game(M.O.B.A), Chaos. Faker discovered League of Legends while surfing the internet in 2011. He quickly became one of the best non-competetive players of League of Legends. The professional team SK Telecom 1 noticed Faker’s skill and invited him to join the team. Faker was in high school and had to make the choice to drop out and join a team, or stay in school. Faker ultimatly made the decision to drop out of school to join SKT1. Faker became SKT1’s mid laner. Mid laners fight in the middle lane of the three lane map “Summoners’ Rift.” The team was practically built around him. With little to no experience with team fighting, his team surprised viewers and advisors by getting third place in OLYMPUS Champions Spring 2013. He is the only player to have won 3 major League of Legends. Championships. In the 2014 season they did not lose a single game which confirmed that Faker was the best of the best in League of Legends. ManDu, one of Faker’s teamates, had to step down due to health issues. This caused them to decline, but ManDu returned helped the team return, but if not for Faker, the team might have collapsed indefinetly. Today, he still is part of SKT1 at 21 years of  age. When playing casually, he wins almost every single game. To prospects of the next generation of League of Legends players, he tips them on how the game should be played and how to practice. He mainly streams his gaming on Twitch, but on YouTube, you can find plenty of videos of his best plays, best games, and reruns of the championships he has been in. Most of these videos have been translated with english subtitles so that you can understand him without needing to put every Korean word he says into Google Translate. From championships, he has won over 1 million dollars in prize money and continues to make sure that he never fails his country. If you play League of Legends or plan to start playing, watch closely at his strategy and it will get you a far distance. Remember, Faker was born with the talent of playing League of Legends, so if you play, make sure you enjoy playing.

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