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The Solar Regatta is an event that has been run annually for the past 10+ years (put on by S.M.U.D.) is largely known competition. The objective of the Regatta is for you and your team to create a boat large enough to be driven by a person, the boat must be run on 100% solar power and be able to compete in three races; Endurance, Slalom, and Sprint. There were quite a few award categories for our team to choose from, but in the end we went for Sustainability. High schools and colleges are the normal competitors, but for the last few years the Boy Scouts have had the privilege to also compete. I was glad to find out that the S.M.U.D. organization created a better way to cut down on the infringement, because last year there were some interlopers who spoiled ideas. When we first got there we learned we had to ingratiate ourselves with the judges.This strategy was intrinsic to our winnings. If we didn’t win we knew our adult leader would come at us with inveigh. Last year I had the amazing opportunity to captain one of the B.S.A. teams. Our team consisted of about 15 scouts and 6 scout leaders, we started our project in late November and had the competition on May 5. Because we were shooting for the sustainability award, we decided to create our boat out of all repurposed material. Our boat was wrapped in rescued political signs from last year’s election, the frame of our boat was made out of rescued redwood posts from a old fence and the aluminum was from a scrapyard. I’d say the the most annoying thing was after we permeated the sign with glue and the next day they were loosened by the precipitation (this left a stringent taste in my mouth). In the end we got we were going for and were awarded the sustainability trophy, this was a very gratifying award because not many achieve it. After the event I felt lassitude from meeting every night for 9 months (which felt like a millennium). It was really occult how I really disliked the meetings but after the event as over I missed them. At the beginning I surmise that we would lose, but I proved myself wrong. Overall it was an amazing event and I hope we can get the same results as we did last year!


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