Cameron’s Trip…Continued

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Cameron’s Trip…Continued

Farah Ghazanfari, Contributor

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Cameron had been falling for what felt like hours. Finally, he saw clouds and a little bit of land below him. He hoped that whatever was down there was not hard, and would be able to catch him. The ground was getting closer and closer, so he closed his eyes and waited for the impact. He felt himself hit the floor and his eyes jolted open. He was standing in a strange city, that seemed to be abandoned.

“Hello?” he called out nervously.

No one answered. He did not know what to do first, so he just started walking towards the closest building to him. Cameron opened the door and stepped inside. He coughed because of the excessive amount of dirt and dust in the air and on the building. He looked around and saw of lot of books resting on dust covered bookcases. He walked over to one of the bookcases and picked up a book, dusting off the cover. To Kill a Mockingbird it read. He remembered reading that back in eighth grade when he was in middle school. Cameron did not know how he was going to get home. Then, he suddenly heard a loud crash and dropped his book.

“Who’s there?” he shouted, his voice shaking a little bit.

“Me” said a cloaked figure, as they emerged from the shadows.

“Who are you?” Cameron asked.

The figure removed their hood, and Cameron saw it was an exact replica of him.

“I know you’re wondering how this is possible. Let me explain,” the figure said, going to sit down on a nearby bench. Cameron’s twin told him of how he was Cameron’s twin, who had gotten thrown into this world when he was just a baby. Their parents did not want twins, as only one baby was expected, so they created this world and put Cameron’s twin (Clark) into it.

“But they must have left an opening,” Clark said, “because you somehow got here.”

Clark and Cameron continued to look for an exit as they got one, but unfortunately were never able to find one, and lived out the rest of their days in this post apocalyptic world.

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