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Katy Nemolyaev, Contributor

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Cancun is a beautiful city to go on vacation to. The flight from Sacramento is about 6 hours, and in my opinion, definitely worth it. It is family friendly, but a party city at night. It is located in Mexico on the Yucatán Peninsula which borders the Caribbean Sea. Cancun is known for its gorgeous, warm beaches, and the city is filled with a diverse amount of resorts and hotels. As well as the tropical nature, Cancun has many historical and architectural sites. such as the Mayan pyramids. Looking for an adventure? Visit “Ik Kil”, which is an archaeological location of caves where you can swim! If you’re a person who loves museums, then there is a perfect place you must visit on your stay in Cancun. The Cancun Underwater Museum! It is put together by a non profit organization. The underwater museum has approximately 500 sculptures, that were created by Jason deCaires Taylor. You can dive up to 6 meters deep and observe through three different underwater galleries of sculptures. If you or your kids are interested in swimming with dolphins, Isla Mujeres, (the island of women), is an island in cancun where that option is available! Passengers set off on a boat for 2 hours in order to reach this destination. All in all, I believe everyone should visit this beautiful city. It has views, tropics, and beaches that are like no other place. Visit Cancun Today! Contact us for more information.

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