Surprisingly Banned Foods in the U.S.

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Surprisingly Banned Foods in the U.S.

Eric Liu, Contributor

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Kinder Joy Eggs

This one is probably one of the most infamous banned foods. This is banned under the 1938 Food, Drug, Cosmetic Act because the whole idea of it is a inconsumable toy placed in a consumable chocolate. But, despite many warnings on the foil, it is still banned and if you try to bring one through to the U.S., you’ll be charged up to $1200 for each egg. It’s kind of a dumb ban since kinder eggs have only caused 3 deaths in 40 years out of billions sold, if we ban these, we should also ban water and hot dogs, and peanuts which cause many more choking fatalities.


Casu Marzu

Maggot cheese, ew. This interesting cheese is made of Pecorino cheese that had fly larvae placed inside. This is to speed up fermentation and when the maggots hatch, they are supposedly supposed to give the cheese a creamier texture. It is banned because of the hazards of creating it, but is really should be banned because its gross. If you do eat it in Sardinia where it is created, you cannot wait for the maggots to die because then the cheese is deemed unsafe and unconsumable.







Horse Meat

It’s not actually illegal to eat horse meat, sadly, it’s just illegal to slaughter them. They are killed in an inhumane way which the FDA deems unsafe for consumption. There isn’t much else to say about this one.




Shark Fins

Sharks are a protected species because many of them were dying to finning. Finning is a process where a sharks fins were cut off for consumption. Unlike horse meat finning and consuming shark meat is illegal because the process of shark finning is cruel for the shark that is trying to survive



Unpasteurized Milk

Unpasteurized milk has been a controversial debate. Its banned on the basis that unpasteurized milk is more likely to contain bacteria like E.coli (Escherichia) or Salmonella. In other countries milk is usually unpasteurized so is unpasteurized milk really that dangerous?

















This national food of Scotland is a pudding-esque food made of minced sheep organs like the heart liver and lungs along with beef mutton and suet which is then all packaged and boiled into a sheep stomach and boiled. Amazingly, this is only banned in the U.S. because sheep’s lung is included.






Ackee Fruit and Fugu Fish

These two are completely different things but are both banned because when they are prepared incorrectly for consumption, they can both cause many harmful side effects like paralysis and commonly lead to death because of how potent their toxins are. But when prepared correctly, it can make a yummy snack at least.


Black Currant

In America, one would likely mistake this for strange looking grapes, that’s because it is rarely seen in America since black currant was banned for a long time in the past. The reason was because black currant was a common host of white pine blister rust which causes white pines to die off rapidly. Through industrialism, white pine was a staple for much construction and so the solution was to ban black currant, the main host for the disease that killed them. Fun Fact: Black currant is used in skittles in favor of grapes in the U.K.


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