Cara and the Math Pages

Bella Sharp

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Cara woke up suddenly, then jumped to her feet and looked around. She looked at the clock in her bedroom and realized that it was 6:00 in the morning. Her 19 pages of math homework were scattered around the room, with little, muddy paw prints stamped on all of them. “Oh, no! Bandita, you bad dog!” she shouted, overcome with anger at her little dog. The day before, Kara had come home from school and decided to get her math homework done right away, so that she could relax for the rest of the night and get to bed early. Yet, as soon as she sat down on the floor of her bedroom to start the homework at 3:00 in the afternoon, she fell asleep. She awoke again at 6:00 in the morning, finding that she had not done any of the math homework that was due in fifth period later that day, and that all of the pages were covered in her dog’s muddy paw prints. Cara sat on the floor, not knowing what to do. “I’m going to fail math, and there’s no doubt about it. How am I supposed to finish all of these pages before I have to leave for school in an hour?” she thought to herself. She decided to accept defeat and get ready for school. As Cara stood up to go brush her teeth, a large whoosh sound echoed through her room, and a whirlwind began to form right in front of her. Cara was being pushed back by the strong winds coming from the whirlwind, so she sat down again and covered her eyes. When the wind ceased, Cara opened her eyes and sat up, then screamed when she saw that there was a man standing in her room. He was dressed very formally, in an outfit that looked like it was from the 1920’s. “Well, hello! Oh, it’s quite a mess in here, papers and mud everywhere, you should really clean that up. Anywho, I suppose I should introduce myself. I am Benjamin, and I’m here to help you, Cara,” the man said. Cara stayed still, too shocked to speak or move. Her brain was in total chaos, so many thoughts racing around in her head. Finally, she calmed herself down enough to talk. Slowly, she said, “Who are you? And what are you here to help me with? And, just, what are you doing here in my room?” Benjamin sighed and sat down on the floor, on the opposite side of the room. “Well,” he began, “I am a work fairy. I know, I know, you would expect wings and magic pixie dust and everything, but that’s not how work fairies are. We are more of the get-down-to-business type. Which is exactly why I am here, to help you get down to business and finish your math homework before it’s due.” Cara was stunned, but as soon as she realized there was a chance at getting the math homework done, she jumped to her feet, ready to work. Over the next 30 minutes, Cara and Benjamin worked together to finish the math pages. Once they were finally finished with all 19 of the pages, Cara thanked Benjamin, and he left in another rushing whirlwind. “Man, all that math made me really tired. Well, I still have half an hour until I need to leave for school, so I’ll just take a quick 10 minute nap before I get ready,” Cara thought to herself. Cara awoke with a start, then sat up. She looked around, and saw her math pages neatly stacked in front of her, but they were incomplete. Confused, Cara looked up at the clock, then saw that it was 3:10 in the afternoon. “Oh my gosh! That must’ve been just a crazy dream! Well, I guess I better start these pages before I fall asleep again!” Cara thought to herself, a laughing smile on her face as she bent forward to get to work.

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