The Pitches Are Back

Avanti Ramraj, Contributor

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Movie Review: Pitch Perfect 3

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On December 28th of 2017, I, along with a group of a few friends, went to the movie Pitch Perfect 3. At one of the most bougie movie theaters ever, with reserved seating and reclining seats, the entire experience was quite great, but the movie, obviously, was the centerpiece. Pitch Perfect 3 is the threequel in the Pitch Perfect series, a set of movies based on a college sorority/all-girl acapella group. Calling themselves the Barden Bellas, it is a group of college girls living the typical college lives.

With the usual boy involving and job and future life dependent decisions drama, the movie series’ only special factor is the acapella groups. The movies because of this are more musicals than anything else and have iconic songs like the “Cup Song” from the original Pitch Perfect movie. Pitch Perfect 2 follows the Bellas around a national competition that leads to the international competition in which they prove themselves after a few embarrassing shows. With all the drama and details covered in the first two movies, most Pitches fans were wondering what plot the movie could have, as all situations, as crazy as they may be, had already been covered in the other movie. But what the fans expected would be a boring, repetitive, dry movie was actually quite the opposite. The movie has all the same characters but shows them in a new place.

No longerImage result for pitch perfect 3 in college, the main character, Beca, played by Anna Kendrick, lives in an apartment in New York City, living a new life. As it follows her life as a now full-blown adult, the movie focuses on what was thought to be a passing of the era of the Bellas but ended up being a bringing back of the music. But surprisingly enough, most movie critics are actually claiming that Pitch Perfect 3 is just a movie no one asked for, and just something someone made to make a few bucks, with bad jokes just living off the “fumes” as many have chosen to call it, of the other two movies. With a rating of 32% on rotten tomatoes, the critics there have also called this movie an “increasingly unnecessary trilogy”. The movie has only made 183.6 million in the box office to date, which is small in comparison to the amount made by the other 2 movies, clearly showing that this movie is not quite the favorite of many true fans.

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