The Flat Earth Society

Keshav Sreedharan, Contributor

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The moon landings were fake. Hitler is alive. The Bermuda Triangle is an alien hot spot. These are just some of the outlandish conspiracy theories that men and women have come up in the past. One of the most infamous theories that have been thought up is that the Earth is flat. Though it seems crazy, the theory has accumulated it’s group of followers including the All-Star basketball player, Kyrie Irving, and American rapper, B.o.B. These are just the famous people. There are societies for this kind of thing and in this case, it’s The Flat Earth Society. They have their own website, which by the way looks pretty cool, that discusses things like the Space X launch. They have a multitude of fascinating ways to back up their stance on the world. Apparently, almost all photos of the Earth taken from outer space are fake and the people that think the Earth is round are idiots that believe everything they see on T.V. Though it may seem surprising that such an idea would exist, the Flat Earth Society have cemented how strong their belief is as they have their own merchandise store where you can get nice T-shirts about the flatness of our round Earth. The website is interesting and if you want to visit it, there is a link below.


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