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A. Becerra
Aaron Becerra was born on the twenty third of June in the capital of California, Sacramento to his two parents, Gloria and Robert Becerra and became a cherished brother by his sister, Sabrina. The four continued to live together for another three years until Aaron’s parents had divided. Soon following the separation, Aaron’s mother had added a new figure into Aaron’s life, his stepfather Victor. Aaron began attending Carden K-8 until the end of second grade. After leaving his first school, Aaron enrolled in Mary A. Deterding Elementary from third to fifth grade. Aaron remains in Sacramento and concentrates on receiving and maintaining good grades as a student enrolled in Winston Churchill Middle School in Carmichael California. He adores the difficulties of school, especially the principles he is taught in his science class. He wishes to proceed learning about science and hopes to pursue a career as a physicist or anything associated with physics.

A. Becerra, Student

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