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My name is Sebastian William Joseph Booth. I was born on June 27, 2003. I was born three months early with two holes in my heart, so I was a big surprise to my family. My family includes my amazing mother, father, and sister, along with our three dogs and one cat. And even though i love our dogs I love my cat the most. I was entered into schooling by my parents at a preschool until I went to St. Ignatius at which stayed at until sixth grade when I transferred to Winston Churchill Middle school. I never knew it at my last school since i wasn’t even the oldest in my class of thirty odd students, but when I went to Churchill I soon found out that I was older and than all of my friends and some of them by quite a bit. This doesn’t bother me though since my friends are great. I next year will be going to high school and am not sure where I will be going which worries me but I know I will figure it out in the end. For the future all I’m hoping for is a life and job I can enjoy. I don’t know what exactly yet but I know for sure I wouldn’t be able to stand an office job, as I would like to do things rather than sitting at a desk. I’m looking forward to my future and can’t wait to see what happens but until then, I’ll just have to work hard.

Sebastian, Contributer

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