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Tanya Richards

Tanya Richards is 14 years old and is more than ready to escape middle school. She wants to fly away in a world called "High School," so she can get a new start and make new friends. Her most amazing and only true friend is her beloved chicken, Buffy. Her interests included playing with Buffy, reading (a lot), and doing debate! She loves debate, but not the part about writing endless speeches. She is thrilled to be an author on a website and loves writing to change the many individuals at our school. Born in Elk Grove, California, Tanya has loved California all her life, but hungers to take the subways in New York and go strolling in Central Park. She dreams to become a neurosurgeon, but feels unsteady about this dream. A life of seeing endless blood and the stress of dealing with someone's life, suddenly seems too unpleasant. Instead, she wishes  only to find a wonderful profession where she is happy. She has one sister, two loving parents, and most of all, Buffy. In her free time, Tanya loves reading on her kindle and making art. She compiles lists of book quotes, makes posters, cuts out newspapers, melts crayons, and accidentally burns herself with a hot glue gun (too many times) to achieve one goal: art. And also the mental satisfaction of something beautiful in her room. Tanya's favorite memory is when she started to scream at the middle of dinner because it was such an intense moment in her book. She ran upstairs, kept screaming, piled up pillows on her bed, and read until she cried with happiness. Her parents were very concerned. If she could travel anywhere at this moment, she would say her bed. Her bed is her most prized possession, she reads there, cries there (out of happiness, hopefully), and most importantly sleeps there.

Tanya Richards, Author

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