5 Things Americans do that Annoy Europeans

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5 Things Americans do that Annoy Europeans

Tanya Richards, Contributor

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Americans do some pretty nonsensical things that trigger a culture shock in many Europeans. How come we won’t use the metric system? Why do we always eat food in huge portions? Why do the prices on store items, never include the tax/real price? Why are we wasteful in buying products, (buying the next version of an Apple phone when your current one is perfectly fine). We do some questionable things, and it’s better to be aware of how we might want to rethink our American way of life. Or maybe just dwell on some unique things we do. Here are some things that Americans do that Europeans find weird:

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  1. We say “awesome” way too much.

Let’s look up the real meaning of “awesome”. It’s supposed to mean “inspiring great admiration, apprehension, or fear” according to Dictionary.com. Americans have completely changed the meaning into something as bland as “great” or “okay.” It’s so overused that if we try to think of a word to substitute, it might actually take a few seconds. What could be an important implication of overusing words? The fact is that saying awesome too much makes us forget the true meaning of awesome and all the other words you could use instead.

  1. We love our country a little too much.

Most Americans are so used to where they live that they naturally think it’s the best place to live in. It may have been true many years ago, when people in other countries were living in far worse conditions, but now, most places are at the same level. The simple fact is that there’s a difference between loving your country, and loving it too much that you place other countries below you. This is not okay. We are essentially making stereotypes out of other countries on no knowledge or basis.

  1. Americans take things way too seriously

Everyone is too polite in America. If you’re gaining weight, your friend doesn’t come up to you and say you gained weight. If you smell bad people don’t tell you either. Both these things would be deemed rude in America. We have way too much considerations for each other’s feelings that we end up harming them. In Europe people are the opposite. They have no problem telling a friend they are fat and need to start eating healthy. They are not being rude, they are just concerned and helping a friend out. If we don’t inform our fellow Americans of some of their harmful habits for fear of being rude, we are allowing them to think whatever they are doing is alright. This only further harms society.

  1. How Taxes are Hidden

That moment when you go to the store to buy something and exclaim, “Oh! It’s only $1!?! Yay!” That moment is likely to be crushed when you see the receipt for tax. The price is actually far higher than you think. This is all part of a huge marketing scheme so Americans think what they’re buying is a very low price. This is promoting the amount of things bought and making Americans spend their money foolishly. In reality, it isn’t their fault, but Americans deserve to know the real price on price tags before they buy items. It only benefits the companies and stores, not the larger population of the American people.

  1. Lack of Public Transportation

To go almost anywhere, you need a car in America. You can’t pop out the door and walk to a nice little cafe. You must drive. America is built around cars, not its own people. We hardly see anyone walking or biking on the streets anymore. The bus system is okay, but then again, you have to drive to the bus station. In Europe, people walk everywhere. To get to work, for kids to get to school. Everything is in walking distance and there are so many people on the road that it is very safe. In America, it is very creepy walking in alleys when you see that not even a single person is around. Even walking on the sidewalks; what if you get hijacked or mugged? No one would be able to call for help or see that you are being harmed. The key to making America’s streets safer is the circulation of people on the sidewalks. Kids, walking to school. Adults walking to a bus station to get to work. Simple ways to boost public transportation, help boost safety for everyone as well.

But all in all, I love America. Even though I experience prejudices and inconveniences sometimes, America is so unique and wonderful in it’s own patriotic way. I love how we smile at strangers just for fun, or how we are such a diverse country. Though some Europeans may not believe it, America is truly, “The land of the free, and the home of the brave.”


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