Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Review

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Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Review

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                                                                            Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild


       The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild (BOTW) is an open world Action-Adventure game developed by Nintendo as another installation for the loved Legend of Zelda series. BOTW was released for the new switch console and the Wii U. BOTW was originally released on March 3 of last year. This time were you still play as Legend of Zelda’s main hero Link, but who in this installation has just awoken from his 100 year sleep where upon waking up is giving the instructions that all of the champions gave their lives in the fight against Calamity Ganon but to no avail other and you are the world last hope, with most of the world that you once knew destroyed and infested with monsters BOTW still manages to give you a stunning world that still retained some of its beauty giving you something that you can still save.

        The vast and open world of BOTW is by far its most appealing feature even after completing the main story you will still have more quests to find, places to explore and sights to see, BOTW is for the Wii U and the Switch. BOTW unlike most other Legend of Zelda games follows most of the laws that apply to the real world as well such as trees bearing pickable fruit, grass and most plants can be set on fire, the many different animals that you can interact with will behave in the manner that they would in the real world such as hearing your footsteps or seeing you bow being drawn and depending on the animal will either attack you or run away from the danger.

       The most appealing parts of BOTW was the pure freedom that you don’t always get to have in recent games. BOTW will push you along ing story but it doesn’t require you too, for example you are capable to leave the area you start in (The Great Plateau) before getting the very helpful paraglider and you can still take on side quests and even some main quests but the game doesn’t make you go in one particular manner or direction all the time by allowing you to climb basically any and everything, allowing you not only buy the things you need or have to collect a number of rupees in order to open a shop and the list goes on. But in BOTW you aren’t required to do that other than tarrytown which is an optional side quest, In BOTW you are allowed to craft and collect almost all of your elixirs and health restoring foods for free. The one basically unspoken rule is that if you can see it then it is almost certain that you can reach it in one manner or another and due to the game not having one set path to find and get to certain places finding your own path and your own way of doing things is like a new puzzle everytime which helps to keep players engaged constantly throughout their playing experience.

       Also as you progress through these amazing high tiers that allow you to view the world from above the adventure doesn’t end there you can jump off of anything you climb onto allowing you to go back into the mysterious and vast regions below you. Also unlike other installations of Legend of Zelda games almost everything is trying to kill you at all times leaving you at the mercy of the elements also monsters, sometimes people, animals, falling from heights, and Link’s continuous ragdolling almost every time he is hit by anything and this new feature can get very irritating at times but the other part s of battle make up for that in BOTW the take on battling didn’t disappoint with the ability to gather more stamina and hearts at your own pace and combos being available to you makes defeating difficult enemies much better and in my opinion added another level of appreciation to this game.

      Unlike past installations of The Legend of Zelda, weapons can break in this game but the range of weapons that you can gather and use has grown drastically and also adds on to the survival aspect of the game, also the ability to pick up almost anything and use it as a weapon ranging from pot lids and soup ladles to the master sword and royal armor you can pick up a weapon off any enemy from bokoblins to Linels. The last main point of the survival aspect that is added to this game is the fact that no matter how prepared you think that you are there is no doubt that you will encounter an enemy that will either put up a good fight of slay you in a single strike.

      There are also many side quests and bosses that pure strength alone won’t take them down, but that is what will set you apart from all of the other fighters you have and are able to use the Sheikah Slate which is a powerful tool that will help you throughout the whole game allowing you to use special abilities that can be upgraded throughout the game such as the ability to freeze water and make a pillar out of it to temporarily stop time for one object. BOTW’s music also helps with the enjoyment of the game by changing depending on where you are or what you doing. In conclusion other than some minor and questionable formatting choices for Link that were annoying but never really hindered my game playing experience BOTW is a fun puzzle filled vast open world that is waiting for you to explore, and I recommend that you play it as it will always have something for you to do or achieve.

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